Binu Alex
  • Co-founder & Director, Commodity Online Group
Short Biography-

Binu Alex is a successful journalist-turned-entrepreneur who has covered a wide range of issues for the print and broadcast media – especially Radio. He had done several interesting stories for various radio stations including BBC, worked for Radio France International, Free Speech Radio News and its affiliate stations and a host of other radio stations in US, Europe.

Addicted to technology, Binu Alex in his present role a..

Sreekumar Raghavan
  • Chief Editor, Commodity Online Group
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Sreekumar Raghavan has over 17 years of experience in journalism and has covered Indian economy,industry, agriculture, tourism, commodities, commodity futures, politics and IT industry, apart from human interest stories. He began his career in Financial Express and later worked for Cyber Media Group, leading pubishers of IT magazines in India before joining Commodity Online as Managing Editor in 2008.

He is the receipient of MP Narayana Pillai Award for Journalism in 2001 for his column titled Econom..
Sajith Kumar
  • News Editor, Bullion Street
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Sajith Kumar KV, is a senior jounrlist with experience in both electronic and online media having put in more than 10 years of experience in journalism.  He is well versed in general knowledge, current affairs, sports and a keen follower of global news developments.

An accomplished news caster, he has presented news in Jeevan TV, a leading channel in South Indian state of Kerala, for close to two years apart from presenting numerous quiz programmes on general knowledge and sports. He has been i..

Rakesh Neelakandan
  • Content Editor, Commodity Online
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Rakesh Neelakandan is relatively new to the profession of journalism. Previously he was a content-writer and prior to that a copy-writer. He writes regularly on commodities and also prepares market intelligence reports for various agricultural commodities.