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Strict food safety regulations lifts India's Spice exports
Commodity Online | June 15 2017
UPDATED 10:37:14 IST

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Indian Spice and Spice products exports during 2016-17 period increased to a record value of Rs 17664.61 crore and in volume terms it reached 947790 tons. An increase of about 9 percent in value and 12 percent in volume terms when compared to the same period last year.

During 2015-16 period the exports in volume terms were seen at 843255 tons and in value terms it was Rs 16238.23 crore. This season India has exceeded all the previous records and fulfilled the increasing global demand with good standard of quality Spices.

Most joyful and satisfying fact with the increased exports is that it increased on the back of strict food safety regulations that now define and determine the international commodity trade.

Chilli exports during 2016-17 was 400250 tons in volume which values at Rs 5,070.75 crore, an increase of 15 percent in volume and 27 percent in value, which makes Chilli the most demanded Spice during this period.

Cumin exports was seen to increase by about 22 percent in volume and 28 percent in value ie, total volume of 119000 tons valued at Rs 1963.20 crore. The Spice which showed the maximum increase as compared to the previous financial year was Fennel, which saw an increase of about 129 percent and 79 percent in terms of volume and value respectively.

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