US Crude Oil production to rebound despite decline in May: Barclays

July 31, 2014 22:00

Annual US crude production growth is accelerating, reaching 1.07 mb/d in April and May, a pace of growth not seen since September 2013. May production declined, ending a four-month streak of m/m production gains, with Gu..


India Pepper to see better output next season

Kerala's Pathanamthitta, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts are likely to witness a fall in output. But, outlook for Kottayam and other districts appears to be promising.

Soybean: It's rain that keeps the bears in control of India and US markets

According to Angel Commodities, sowing of soybeans have picked up on revival of monsoon, however, tight supplies of the old crop coupled with lower sowing till date supported prices in the spot markets

Gold loses traction, gives back some more 2014 gains

Last week, gold declined 1% returning below US $1300 an ounce while silver kept true to its 'leve..

India’s Gold duty curbs spread fears of increased smuggling

But what is worrying bullion trade is the increase in smuggling even as jewellery industry is una..

Investors not enthused by improving health of Commodities: Barclays

The slow pace at which institutional investors are able to take and implement the kind of long-te..

Scientists unveil Bread Wheat genome, to help develop HYVs

The draft sequence is a major landmark towards obtaining a complete reference sequence of the bre..

Food Map being developed to help identify food clusters in India

According to the Minister, the Food Map will not only help identify strengths in terms of crop st..

India foodgrains production hits record 264 MT in 2013-14

Rice production is expected at record106.29 million tonne and wheat production is expected to rea..

Sanctions on Russia: EU has to share some pain

But 'economic sanction' is a double-edged weapon and the real question is 'who will lose more'. U..

Intervention in Repo market and how it affects liquidity

China has its own form of shadow finance -- using metal backed letters of credit - also now begin..

DMCC to focus on new agri-commodities, defer Spot Gold

Gautam Sashittal, CEO of DMCC said that the delay in spot gold launch was to get all participants..

Coriander: Positive trends may prevail on weaker supply

On Monday afternoon trade,Coriander for July delivery fell 1.34% to Rs 11195 per 100 kg while Aug..

To what the recent drop in Gold prices can be attributed to?

I don't think it was a very extraordinary event. Gold has been trading around $1,300/oz. We see s..

What are the top three catalysts in precious metals equities?

The top three catalysts for absolute movements—either up or down—in precious metals a..

Tea: India embraces Trustea certification for sustainable production

The Trustea code is designed to evaluate the social, economic, agronomic and environmental perfor..

Rubber Board to conduct training in root trainer rubber plants

The course content for the training includes medium preparation, cup filling, planting of budded ..