Global Gold demand flat in 2015;India, China bright spots: WGC

February 11, 2016 14:15

This was particularly evident in the retail investment sector, where bar and coin purchases were led by China and Europe, with strong support from the US, as investors took advantage of weaker prices amid a softening eco..


Traders expect uptrend in Spices this week

Closure of Chinese markets kept having a bearish impact on some commodities as exports kept getting adversely affected. More uptrend in prices is expected for Spices in coming days.

Gold rises, beware of scams

It happens virtually every time there’s a run up in gold and silver prices, scam artists take advantage of investors and consumers who have not done their homework.

What the Yellen testimony means for Gold?

The dovish tone of the Fed means rate hikes will be delayed and it may support the precious metals. ..

Gold rises, beware of scams

It happens virtually every time there’s a run up in gold and silver prices, scam artists take advan..

India boosts checking on Pulses hoarding as crisis worsens

Drought, unseasonal rains pushed the pulses production down to 170LT in 2014-15 from 192 LT in 2013-..

Rising imports pose threat to India's bid to be self sufficient in food

Traders have already warned the Modi government that the country's self sufficiency in food is at ri..

Rising demand prompts moderate recovery for agri markets

With a 63% rainfall deficit in January, the scope for improvement in crop productivity seems bleak e..

Pulses: Is Modi Govt's plan to curb prices working?

Pulses prices plunged 30 per cent since its recent peak in wholesale markets of Vashi.The trend show..

Gold uptrend to continue for the rest of 2016 and 2017

Jason Hamlin expect the uptrend in gold to continue unabated throughout the remainder of 2016 and in..

Will amendments change the fate of India's Gold Monetisation Scheme?

It is estimated that 20,000 tonnes of physical gold is being held by households and temples in India..

Indian agri markets kick off the week on a positive note

Traders expect further downtrend to be limited with massive dips already observed over last few week..

Indian agri markets witness recovery

Upside movement was observed mainly for the Spices sector where some good recovery was seen in Jeera..

“Gold can't go much lower without costs having to adjust lower”: Joe Reagor

Gold at $1,100/oz is not a sustainable long-term scenario. The costs of production are still relativ..

How deep will Oil price dive? As low as $20/bbl?

I think anything could happen down here. We are at the margin at this point, and the price swings ha..

Rubber: Low prices, weak Chinese demand keeps farmers on edge

The lower prices has left the planters on tenterhooks in Kerala, the state that accounts for 90 per ..

India impose new curbs on Rubber imports amid price crisis

The domestic players have long been urging the Govt to put curbs on the increasing imports that have..