Delay in Iran nuke deal will impact Oil market: Barclays

November 25, 2014 23:10

The prospect of Iran being able to increase oil sales as part of a new agreement in the next couple months would likely only further exacerbate OPEC oversupply to the market, as well as raise additional uncertainty on th..


No final order issued on FTIL-NSEL merger: India Govt

The Government has issued only a Draft Order of merger/amalgamation of National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) with Financial Technology (FTIL) in essential public interest under Section 396 of the Companies Act, 1956 on 2..

RBI Repo rate cuts unlikely in FY15: ICRA

Modi Govt made several announcements that would boost domestic production(Make in India) and improve ease of doing business. However, these are likely to impact growth with a lag.

Import curbs: India traders stop sale of Gold coins, bars

The move is to help the government control its widening trade deficit on account of ballooning go..

News Capsules: What's behind Russia's ballooning Gold reserves?; Let's gear up for Robo Cars

It all began with the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia over the Ukraine crisis. The sancti..

News Capsules: Gigantic T-shirt tells the tale of Cotton farmers; was Modi's foreign visits 'fruitful'?

The creators of India's largest T-shirt want to bridge the gap between  the urban Indians an..

NEWS WEEK: Can India take cues from UK Bio Bus?; A Microbe revolution in farming

Narendra Modi can surely add this concept of Bio Bus to his Clean Energy mission and give wings t..

Chana turns bullish on improved demand

Milan Shah, agri research analyst at commodity Online, said Chana is likely to trade positive for..

India Rabi area coverage picks up, Wheat, Pulses slip

Coverage under rabi crops has gone up to 184.30 lakh hectare whereas last week it was at 80.13 la..

Crude Oil prices: Much depends on OPEC action

Why OPEC countries hesitate to trim production output to shore up price? In fact, Saudi Arabia, t..

Rubber crisis and the double standards adopted by India tyre makers

On the face of it is double standards.The tyre industry goes on importing natural rubber at will ..

Cardamom bearish on sufficient supply

Milan Shah, agri research analyst at Commodity Online, said Cardamom is Bearish for short term an..

Outlook turns Bullish for Turmeric

Milan Shah, agri research analyst at commodity Online, said Turmeric is likely to trade bullish f..

How to mitigate the risk of investing in micro-cap cos?

It's not an easy question to answer, but I'll give it my best shot. I think it's important to pro..

How is Russia using petrodollar to achieve energy supremacy?

Putin has aligned himself with nations like China to work in concert against U.S. interests globa..

Rubber: Top producers to manage supplies by cutting exports

Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed to manage exports to ensure there is no surplus rubb..

India Coffee exports to rise to 5.1mn bags this year: USDA

This forecast is marginally higher than the revised MY 2013/14 estimate. The forecast Robusta cro..