China growth, record Chile output may weigh on Copper in 2014-15

April 16, 2014 21:05

China economy grew at its slowest pace in 18 months at the start of 2014 but has shown improved performance in March. The economy grew 7.4% in January- March quarter but still the nation;s slowest annual growth since the..


China Crude Oil imports may show marginal improvement in April

Barclays said in a report that China's implied oil demand fell to 9.78 mn barrels per day, from February high of 10.58 mb/daym a small 0.6% growth year-on-year.

Ukraine needs to start selling energy assets

Russia has been able to manipulate Ukraine's energy dependency to the benefit and pursuit of its foreign policy goals. We're seeing this very clearly today as Putin has called for the payment of $38 billion from Ukraine,..

The classic slump in Bitcoins market

As it turns out, our reluctance to go short in spite of the strong move down was justified. Today..

Gold, Silver likely to weaken, Platinum has upside potential

Despite recent moves higher because of likely delay in interest rate hike by US Federal Reserve, ..

US Coal industry revenues to rise 2.1% annual to % $46 bn

Coal prices are expected to grow slightly in the five years to 2019, as slowing economic growth o..

The classic slump in Bitcoins market

As it turns out, our reluctance to go short in spite of the strong move down was justified. Today..

NCDEX launches smaller size contracts for Castor Seed, Chana

These contracts are intention matching where delivery occurs only when both buyer and seller agre..

Tax credit on pulse levy dollars contribution to Sasketchewan Pulse Growers

Growers can calculate their total levy contribution by referring to their pulse sales receipts, w..

Lunar eclipse: Volatility likely in Indian stocks, profit booking in Soybean

As per my theory this lunar eclipse may bring highest volatility in Indian stock and commodity ma..

When investment bankers go wrong on Gold, Silver prices predictions

The most recent prediction lower was made on the grounds that Treasury Inflation Protected Securi..

India Pepper prices hit record Rs 600 per kg on strong demand

The market was taken by surprise after range bound movement in the market for several weeks suppo..

Approval for Chilli-Teja of NCDEX, NMCE Mini Rubber

The Forward Markets Commission (FMC) has approved Rubber Mini and Chilli Teja contracts of NMCE a..

Why gold canít shine in spring but in winter?

Jay Taylor thinks what we've seen recently is just part of the natural ebb and flow. This is prob..

What does 6% decline in March mean for Gold?

Gold took a one-two punch in late March. The first was the widening of the renminbi trading ban i..

Rubber Board training on processing and quality control of Rubber

The training is intended for growers, dealers, product manufacturers and workers engaged in latex..

Sluggish economy fails to lift Rubber amidst weak procurement drive

On the fundamental side, extremely sluggish demand from consumers and tyre makers have contribute..