MCX Gold to trade bearish tracking weak global markets

October 13, 2015 11:00

Gold can move in range of 26550-26900 in MCX.Gold prices retraced some of its gains on profit-booking Tuesday, after rising to a seven-week high the previous day.


Light-heavy oil spreads may widen on a forward basis: BofA Merrill Lynch

Global crude oil prices have finally broken out of their range, with Brent surging to $54/bbl in the past few trading days.

Ind-Ra positive on bonds, cautious on Rupee

Ind-Ra does not expect low commodity price driven margin expansion to offset disappointing earnings with growth in low single digits like in the previous quarter.

MCX Gold may move volatile on mixed fundamentals

The pace and timing of the U.S. central bank's expected rate increase can influence the value and ap..

Growth in Indian economy likely to help Palladium prices

For palladium, Natixis expects that in the next two years we will see growth in automobile demand fr..

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The weak south-west monsoon this time is particularly worrying for the economy, especially the farm ..

Can fiscal policy tame the Commodities roller coaster?

The report says how countries can tax and spend wisely so that their oil, gas and metals support str..

Indian agri markets may turn volatile on likely rise in demand

Trend in Indian agri markets continue to be bullish. Traders are waiting for dips before initiating ..

SLCM receives Agro Logistics Company of the Year award

The felicitation is in recognition of work done by SLCM in the field of Agri logistics.

The shale delusion: why the party's over for US tight Oil

World liquids year-over-year demand growth has fallen by almost half from 2.3 percent in September 2..

The Indonesian Ore ban as a global market quandary

It was a positive kind of shock for ore producers. The ban means that they could now supply products..

Fundamentals remain bullish for Indian agri counters

Overall, a strong Bullish market sentiment prevailed for most Agri commodities as rising Festive sea..

Downtrend in India Agri commodites likely to be limited

No strong upside movement had been observed for Spices and Guar due to lack of exports. But with exp..

Gold prices should go higher: Andrew Pullar

The big positive for gold is that you can't print it, so the price over the long term should correla..

BriaCell Therapeutics takes its cancer vaccine to the next level

"We are pleased to see the surge of immunotherapy companies that are developing a variety of interes..

What will be the impact of El Nino on global Rubber prices?

El Nino can potentially force top producers like Thailand and Indonesia into a drought-like situatio..

RSDC's skill development programme inauguarated

RSDC and its apex body, National Skill Development Corporation (NDSC), were formed under the Pradhan..