Downside risks likely for WTI in three months: BofA Merrill Lynch

October 25, 2014 06:00

WTI crude oil prices fared significantly better than Brent in this oil price drop as Cushing stocks remain very low. Yet Cushing faces an imminent ramp-up in inflow capacity which may temporarily send WTI prices lower.


India Oil Seed crushing industry in distress

Rise of imports is another factor. Refiners are opting for crude palm oil imports from Malaysia and Indonesia as they are cheaper than local crushing.

India mulls trade pacts with former USSR nations

At present India's trade with trade with CIS countries is less than 2 per cent. It is a region left unexplored by many sectors.

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Speculation and the commodity surplus or shortage that it creates

Streams that are, ultimately, instruments of enslavement promoted, traded, and described as debt...

Coriander to trade bearish on sufficient supplies

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People should be worried about underfeeding. For those who aren't familiar with underfeeding, it'..

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This year the main focus of observing vigilance awareness week is ‘Combating Corruption &nd..

Coffee: India boosts fight against White Stem Borer pest

The White Stem Borer only attacks the Indian Arabicas and poses zero threat to other 10 coffee-pr..