Platinum well supplied by +2Moz of liquid inventories: Deutsche Bank

April 01, 2015 22:20

Platinum market looks more balanced backed by the impressive recovery in South African production.


MCX Copper rules steady; support at 378 / 375 levels

Pratik Patel, research analyst at Commodity Online, said Copper may trade with support of 378/375 and resistance 385/388.

MCX Crude Oil bearish; geopolitical crises fail to lend support

Support and resistance can be seen at 2930/2900 and 3040/3070 levels respectively.

Africa will be the focus of Dubai Diamond Conference 2015

The biennial event  will also bring together delegates and keynote speakers from the Middle ..

Five reasons why India's Budget is a let-down for Jewellery sector

The sector expected duty cut on Gold imports, announcement of jewellery parks and they say high s..

Will Gold bounce back in 2015?

Indian jewellery demand, central bank buying and India's monetization schemes are likely to influ..

Why India is bullish on its Technical Textiles market growth?

India's Technical textiles market size is expected to grow at CAGR of 20% and reach $ 26 Billion ..

NCDEX Chana to trade side ways; arrivals to pick up slowly

Arrival of new crop in Mandis is likely to pick up slowly in coming days. Short term support ..

Fall in production likely to support NCDEX Chana

Weak arrivals and decline in production in the current year are the chief supportive factors for ..

No FED bets from the BIS

Is central banking policy working out for the real economy? Dr. Jeffrey Lewis says it isn't.

Beware of financial sharks

Money and wealth are a different matter, yet we have the same collective denial. Many consider th..

Pepper: demand may pick up after Easter in Indian markets

Industry users may buy more pepper before the monsoon kicks off, scaling up demand for pepper.

NCDEX Turmeric: bearish signal for the counter on quality issues

A moderate recovery is  likely on reports of improved festive season demand from North India..

What is the impact of Oil, Gas price fall on Fertilizers?

Lower gas prices should result in higher gasoline consumption, which in turn should result in gre..

Are we now in the period of critical mass investors have been awaiting?

Yes, we are. Ultimately, I think we'll look back to this period and recognize cell therapy innova..

China's commodity demand set for slowdown: Barclays

As per Barclays forecast, China may become more important in global gas market, but influence may..

Rubber: India's imports head for all time high, farmers in a fix

As India's natural rubber imports are set to cross 400,000 tonnes this month, it is doubtful that..