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The areca nut farmers have been strongly advised by Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative (CAMPCO) to sell the commodity to cooperative institutions.

17 Sep 2011

BANGALORE (Commodity Online): The areca nut farmers have been strongly advised by Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative (CAMPCO) to sell the commodity to cooperative institutions.

The growers have a trend of selling the commodity to private traders who offers little higher price than the cooperatives.

According to Mr K. Padmanabha, President, CAMPCO, the private traders, who wants to fake tax, buy commodities directly from the farmers by offering little higher price than the cooperative, Speaking at the 37th annual general meeting of CAMPCO . He advised farmers that they sell their commodities to cooperatives, as private traders do not come for help at time of market crash, but the cooperatives rush towards them for help. As per a report in The Business Line

“Cooperative did not expect such a rainfall this year. However, he assured them that steps will be taken to increase the supply of fungicide to growers” he added

The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Co-operative Limited or CAMPCO was found on 11 July 1973 at Mangalore. The organisation working on principles of co-operative was found to migitate the sufferings of areca nut and cocoa growers in Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala.

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Sahameddin Afjei
19 Sep 2011
The representative of USA congress, Mr. John Mica Share [40 reads] by Sahameddin Ghiassi 18-Sep-2011 Dear Mr. John Mica As the president Obama said, the Federal government will help the small businesses to continue their activates. I can create jobs for 40 people and I can produce food, organic food. As you may know the Obama said they will help the small business. All my lines of credits is frozen and I do not have money to run the business or the farm. The people robbed me and did not pay me, insurance companies did not pay me and I am responsible for the mistake of Orange County zoning department, how can I pay all these. I opened this boarding school in eight acres land and with a lot of facilities. Generally this type of work should be supported by government or churches. But in my case they ignore me. They mislead me and they gave me false information and I lost all my money. To open the boarding school with farm, cost a lot of money and Orange County zoning department mislead me. They gave me occupational license and after I put all my work and all my money plus a lot of loan, they told me they made a mistake from beginning and they cancelled the occupational license. It is just a mistake for them and that is fine, but for me it means to lose all my money, time and energy that I put in that business. It is fine for them, but it has destroyed my life. It is not right that the government says they will modify the loans, it is over two years that I am trying to modify my loan and I hired an attorney for this and still, it is not modified? Because the business is upside down, no one is willing to give me loan and so I cannot run the farm. There is a lot of advertisement that the federal government will help the small business, but in reality it is just modification, nobody does something. I helped the people and students, I produced food and organic food, as I said I can create jobs for at least 40 people, but the system is indifferent and they do not care, what I am saying. I am US citizen, and if I go to the government agency to get my right, they say, why you do not go back to Iran? They made a mistake and I should lose my capital and time and also be punished? In the time that so many people and companies robbed me, how I can pay my bills? US spent so much money for the fight of terrorists and the system does not understand as long as there are no jobs and no just, the terrorists are an attractive case. To kill the terrorist is not a good way, if the root of unjust, ignorance, greed, dictatorship and lack of education be moved out; than the terrorists will be disappear in the whole world. You cannot force the people to obey, if they have a lot of problems. In that way not millions of people will come to US or other countries to work or even to study, they will stay in their own countries and will be happy. But lack of jobs, education, and work and may be the mirage of welfare, bring the refugees to the West. They are mostly also not well come in the West and they start to hate the west and the system. They can see here that the young people have a lot of possibilities here, and they are ignored politely and they are pushed back also sometime impolitely. So they get upset, if you read the newspapers a lot of young very well educated people , young people with PhD kill themselves, because they see no future for themselves. The two from four children of the king of Iran have killed themselves and they suicide? You can imagine in the country that the children of the king of Iran suicide, how hard is the life for other people, who do not have the same income and the same position? To be daughter of king and son of a king is just a dream for many people, but they killed themselves, because the life here is too hard. Five time my house is robbed, the police did not do a serious action, it is fine for them. The people gave me checks, but the checks cannot be cashed. The bank does not even give me the telephone and address of the people who wrote bad check to me. But the credit cards call me every hour and they want money. How can I pay, in the time that so many people robbed me and nobody care. Insurance companies owe me over 200,000 dollars, but they do not pay, too. I have thousand of pages form them and I paid them more than 11 years insurance money, but in the time you need them, they ignore you. Just like the officials in the county, they are indifferent and ignore you and send you from one room to other room and at the end you come back in the same room. Or they give you a telephone number and, you call they give another telephone number and after 20 calls you come back to the first person, but this time she or he is not there and you put a message. They are paid to work, but they just kill the time and pay with the people who need them or give them false or wrong information and later they said sorry they made mistake. How can the people live, in the time that they are robbed and nobody care, and everything for the officials are fine. Should they print money and give to the people who owe? The bank gave me money with high interest, I did make money and they were happy, but in the time that the interest rate came lower, and the business or real estate lost their value and the people robbed me and did not pay me and the insurance companies robbed me also, they want the same interest and the same amount? Is it so because I am just citizen and did not born here. The system should be so cruel or indifferent to me? Is the law only for rich people who can pay the expensive attorneys and the other people who cannot hire expensive attorney should forget about their rights? Is it sort of democracy that the people who robbed should be ignored and the government cannot help them? Yours Amir Nasser Ali G.
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