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The amount of investment demand will be one of the key variables for silver in the long term.

30 Jan 2013

NEW YORK (Commodity Online): The amount of investment demand will be one of the key variables for silver in the long term, said CPM Group while releasing the 2013 update to its Silver Long-Term Outlook market study.

The report provides an analysis of global mine production, secondary supply, fabrication and investment demand, inventory levels and prices. The report looks out through 2022 and is an update to a 2011 report.

“Investors were net sellers of silver from 1990 through 2006. They have been large net buyers of silver since 2006, with their interest fueled by the series of economic and financial crises to occur since that year. The single most important question facing future silver prices is how much silver investors will want to buy going forward--or whether they might revert to long-term selling as they did only a few years ago,” they added.

“Studies the economic and financial variables that have been driving silver investment demand in recent years and presents an unbiased argument for somewhat weaker silver prices over the projected period as well as a detailed analysis of global and regional economic and financial trends expected to unfold over the coming decade,” CPM Group added.

Meanwhile, a substantial amount of silver production capacity could be added over the next decade. “The extent to which this wave of possible new production comes on stream will depend in the interaction of silver price trends, management of the development programs, and the availability of financing for new projects,” CPM Group concluded.

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Annie mishu
01 Feb 2013
You made some good points .I did a little research on the topic and found that most people agree with your blog. Thanks.
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