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The U.S. Treasury Dept. has officially approved an historic switch. Starting days from now, you’ll be able to exchange regular paper dollars for a more valuable form of money. Experts are calling America’s ne..
10 Feb 2010
By Mike Ward
The U.S. Treasury Dept. has officially approved an historic switch. Starting days from now, you’ll be able to exchange regular paper dollars for a more valuable form of money. Experts are calling America’s new legal currency “Gold Dollars.”

Because each “dollar” is backed by one gram of pure, 24-karat gold… You’ll be able to use this money just like regular dollars. You can buy anything from shoes to wine, cars to houses.

The only difference?

Since the money is backed by physical gold (stored in Fort Knox-like security), it could prove the smartest “investment” you ever make. The purchasing power of each “dollar” goes UP whenever gold rises. That means…

You can get richer… every time Congress passes another trillion-dollar spending package, fueling inflation…

You can get richer… every time the world flees into gold thanks to geopolitical instability (think North Korea successfully testing a nuclear bomb)…

You can get richer… every time massive hedge funds and Wall Street firms pile into gold to hedge their equity positions…

You can get richer… every time countries like China move out of the U.S. dollar and buy massive quantities of gold, like the 1,054 tons they now hold.

And considering where gold is likely headed, this could be the perfect time to change some money over to the new currency.

As Reuters reported March 9, 2009: “Gold may reach $2,000 an ounce in the next year if the dollar falls [further].”

Richard Russell wrote in his Dow Theory Letters on May 19: “Gold seems on a roll now.”

Dennis Gartman said on May 20 that “the dollar does look vulnerable… if this persists, commodity prices generally shall rise, and gold shall too.” And MarketWatch now reports that gold could be on the verge of a “historic breakout.”

As you’ll see in this report, making the switch to “Gold Dollars” could not only protect your savings against coming market shocks, it could automatically double your money over the next 6-9 months.

Even better…

You don’t have to move all your savings, or make any big decisions. You can start with as little as $10. Converting to “Gold Dollars” takes about five minutes. Anyone can do it online, securely, using your regular savings account.

And one of the country’s leading gold analysts, Peter G. Schiff, will show you exactly how, for free.

Here’s the whole story on this quickly emerging opportunity…

Investors the world over are sensing an explosion in gold prices. And it appears that the lid’s finally about to blow.

According to the prestigious World Gold Council, total demand for gold jumped 38% in the first quarter… to 1,016 tons.

Meanwhile, demand for gold as an investment rocketed 248%, to 596 tons.

But this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Quietly, behind the scenes, professional gold traders – those who actually set gold’s price on the floor of New York’s COMEX – are positioning themselves for a massive uptick in gold. In fact, their options positions indicate that gold will hit at least $1,500-2,200 by November 24, 2009.

Considering where gold’s trading today, this represents more than a DOUBLING of gold’s price over the next 6-9 months.

And since every one of the new “Gold Dollars” is backed by one gram of pure 24-karat gold, the value of your savings could double automatically!

So if you suspect that master investors such as Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Dennis Gartman, Richard Russell and Schiff are right about gold – then moving some of your savings into “Gold Dollars” makes great sense.

You can get started with as little as $10 regular dollars. You simply make one small transaction (you can do it free online using your normal savings account – details in a moment). And voila, you suddenly own some of the only gold-backed money in the world!

And just think about the tremendous advantages the “new money” will confer…

Wake Up Tomorrow and Pay Less for… Everything?

Let’s say you have $100 in your savings account, in regular paper dollars.

You can convert that into $100 worth of “Gold Dollars” in about 5 minutes, using a secured online transaction from your current savings account. (You’ll learn exactly how simple this is in a moment.) Later that same day, you can spend half of your gold-backed money on a fine bottle of Blason d'Issan Margaux. You now have $50 “Gold Dollars” left. Here’s the great part.

If gold doubles from there, you can exchange your 50 “Gold Dollars” for $100 paper dollars… and spend that money all over again!

And that’s not all…

If gold simply rises by 25%, you could get up tomorrow and use “Gold Dollars” to pay that much less for gasoline, groceries, computers, TVs, houses, cars, clothes, you name it!

While your neighbor will spend $100 for a bag of groceries, you could pay the equivalent of $75 for the exact same bag!

As President of Euro Pacific Capital, and one of CNBC’s star analysts, Schiff has garnered plenty of controversy for the boldness and clarity of his predictions. But while he’s often controversial, he’s almost never wrong.

Schiff called the Tech Wreck in 1999, saving his clients at Euro Pacific Capital a fortune when the Nasdaq lost more than 70% of its value.

He called the sub-prime crisis and housing crash, just before the bottom fell out in late 2006.

He sounded the alarm on the coming U.S. equity meltdown of 2008, just before trillions were lost in the firestorm that decimated the S&P by 40%-plus.

Last year, his blockbuster book Crash Proof helped more than 50,000 readers protect and grow their wealth right through the crisis. It rocketed atop the New York Times bestseller list as a result.

Had you followed the gold strategy Schiff recommended in his first book, you could have ended 2008 well in the black.

But his newest gold recommendation – “Gold Dollars” – could be even more profitable.

Leading Gold Guru Gives You His “Best Secrets”

Schiff reveals exactly how to play it on page 123 of his brand-new blockbuster called Bull Moves in Bear Markets.
You’re about to receive this book absolutely free.

Simply claim it now and discoverthe simplest, safest way to switch some of your savings into “Gold Dollars” today… along with…
Mike Ward is Publisher, The Money Map Report
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