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01 Jan 1970

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28 Dec 2011
Blackrock receives huge funds to enforce the SLV portfolio. Should the executives of Blackrock and SLV should be brought in under the new National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 and questioned for the manulapulation of a currency mentioned in Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution? The new National Defence Act makes it easy. Counterfiting of currency (gold / silver paper) was ruled to be treason with the Nazi in after WWII trials. Those guilty of running the printing presses even those desk jobs approving the ink were given trials and then executed. Can anyone explain the difference? B.T.W. This is not the only article. Swiss investment firms through China banks have warned customers about this very thing. There are evidently dozens of lawsuits filed by well known financial institutions. And nobody is holing the CFTC responsible for a 3 year old investigation. Why can't the CFTC report on this? Shoul d the Military get involved using the new National Defense Aughorization Act of 2011 - in order to preserve the Constitution and Order?
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