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'Cinnamon' the spice peeled from trees

Rebinson P.L.
Rebinson P.L.
September 22, 2022
'Cinnamon' the spice peeled from trees

Cinnamon is a spice scientifically known as ‘Cinnamomum verum’ obtained from the inner bark or skin of the trees belonging to the family ‘Lauraceae’.

Cinnamon is mainly used for culinary purposes in powdered or original form to add flavour, and in addition, it is used for certain medicinal purposes also. Cinnamon is one of the most popular and liked spices in the world due to its special flavour and aroma.

The spice is believed to have originated from Sri Lanka, the Malabar coast of India and Myanmar. Its early usages can be traced back to as early as 2800 B.C, and Egypt is reported to have imported it since 2000 B.C mainly for the embalming rituals

Cinnamon is made by peeling and sun-drying the bark of cinnamon trees that take 2-3 years to mature. The trees’ branches or sometimes the entire trees are cut down to make cinnamon. The trees that grow up to 15 meters in height can be grown in various types of soils like sandy loam soils and organic-rich loamy soils which are well-drained. And a warm and humid climate with sufficient sunlight is the best climate for the trees.

Cinnamon has several varieties, the two main ones are Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia or Chinese Cinnamon and among these two, Ceylon cinnamon is considered as better and has more demand throughout the world.

Both Ceylon and Cassia varieties are healthy to use, but cassia is not safe to use more in quantity like Ceylon cinnamon as the former contains more coumarin which is harmful and can cause certain cancers.

Cinnamon contains fiber, calcium, sugar, fat, carbohydrates, phosphorous, potassium, iron, manganese, vitamins A, C, E and K.

Indonesia is the largest producer of cinnamon in the world, followed by China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The largest exporter of cinnamon is Sri Lanka, and other major exporters are China, Vietnam and Indonesia. And the US imports the most amount of cinnamon followed by India, Mexico, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

In India, the main producers of cinnamon are Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Some of the main trading markets of cinnamon in India:

Maharashtra ( Mumbai, Lasalgaon, Pune, Pandharpur)

Karnataka (Bengaluru, Ballari, Haralur, Sirsi)

Kerala (Kochi, Kollam)

Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Nandambakkam, Coimbatore)

Names of cinnamon in different Indian languages:

Hindi                    Daalcheenee

Tamil                    Ilavankappattai

Malayalam           Karuvappatta

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cinnamon in Hindi?
    Cinnamon is known as 'daalcheeni' in Hindi.
  • How to make cinnamon powder?
    Take the cinnamon and break it into smaller pieces and then use a grinder or a mortar to grind the spice into powder.
  • How to make cinnamon water?
    Take some water in a pot and put cinnamon into it. Heat the pot and then let it simmer for around 20 minutes and wait till it cools down and strain the same after some time to get cinnamon water.
  • Which part of the plant is cinnamon?
    Cinnamon is obtained from the dried inner bark of the cinnamon trees.
Rebinson P.L.
Rebinson P.L.
Rebinson P.L. (@ebinso) is a self-published author, content marketing strategist, copywriter and editor who has been writing blogs, articles and advertising copies for various firms since completing his master's in English literature. He's dedicated to helping and guiding businesses of all sizes to achieve their desired reach and popularity.
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