Bio Fertilizers

  • Variety: Asean PSB
  • Packaging Type : plastic bottle
  • Packaging Size: 20 kg
  • Quantity Available: Bulk Quantity
  • Quality Available : A Grade
  • Price : Rs. 360.00/Kg


We are suppliers of Fertilizers. We can sell  Bio Fertilizer in the name of Asean PSB. It solubilizes and fiz Phosphorous from atmosphere/soil and convert it to a form which will be easily available to the plants.Dose: Seed Treatment:- Mix 500ml in 1 literof water. Seed coats required for 1 acre in this mixture, shade dry and sow .Seedling Dip:- Mix 750 ml in 50 -liter water and dip root portion of seedling required for one acre for 30 min. before planting.Soil drench:- 1 lit per acreSoil Application:- Mix 750-1000 ml in 100 Kg of compost and spreads uniformly in 1 acre. Price would be Rs360/Ltr + 5% GST.


Nashik, Maharashtra




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