Organic fertilizers

  • Variety: Bonmil Super
  • Packaging Type : Plastic bag
  • Packaging Size: 50 kg
  • Quantity Available: 1ton
  • Quality Available : A Grade
  • Price : Rs. 12.50-14.00/Kg


We are suppliers of Fertilizers. We can sell 1 ton Organic Fertilizer in the name of 'Bonmil Super'.i)Used for providing organic Phosphorous, Calcium, Nitrogen  and Microelements to the crops. proves to be a good substitue for the chemical source of Phosphorous and Calcium iii) Its 100% organic, steamed Bonmil which gets easily uptake by plants.  Price would be Rs700/50kg bag + 5% GST. Please contact us for more details.


Nashik, Maharashtra




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