Agri Spray Machines

  • Variety: Normal variety
  • Price : Rs. 1300000.00/Unit


Sprays reach upto 15 feet (@ 5 meter) around each side of boom.
Dispense 30 to 40 litres/hr.
Average 40 to 50 micron droplets size and 360 degree wrap around effect.
Deep Spray penetration, reaches to very intricate/Narrow spaces.
Patented air assisted technology for mist formation.
Minimal drift & quick absorption and drying time after application.
Nozzle position and orientation modularity 360 degree nozzle flexibility.
Environment friendly, less usage of chemicals as it maximize area coverage.
Available in 200 litres. Price would be Rs.1300000/- + 18% GST. Please contact us for more details.



Nashik, Maharashtra




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