Agri Spray Machines

  • Price : Rs. 700000.00/Unit


Sprayer: Spray magic, Indian make.
Nozzles: Modular arrangement.
Maximum nozzles 12 numbers. 360 degree rotation, robust brass nozzles. Flexible arrangement.
Flow: 50 lit/hr to 400 lit/hr
Air atomization technology.
Low liquid pressure technology, safe operation.
Air flow: Varies from 10 cfm to 30 cfm per nozzle.
Droplet size: Varies from 40 till 100 microns as per flow setting. Droplet size subjective to flow.
Electrostatic System: Optional.
Tractor: More than 24 Hp required. Price would be Rs.700000/- + 18% GST. Please contact us for more details.


Nashik, Maharashtra




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