Agri Automation System

  • Price : Rs. 475000.00/Unit


One pH dozing injector and with two Fertigation injectors for controlling E.C. It is fully time based automation   system. It's ultimate solution for online EC- pH control of water. You can set the targeted EC & pH. Accordingly,  when motor pump gets on, machine checks current EC & pH  of water flow, then automatically starts acid & fertilizer injectors to maintain the targeted EC & pH. It’s handy, easy to install, compact and with user friendly programming, Coloured touch screen, auto scheduling as per specific time and day. It can operate 8 to 24 field valves, 3 tank solutions, 3 tanks valves, 1 to 8 motor pumps. Price at Rs.475000/- + 18% GST. Please contact us for more details.


Nashik, Maharashtra




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