Bullish export demand lifts Guar prices
Commodity Online | August 04 2017
UPDATED 11:08:57 IST

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On the back of good exports demand and excess rain in the major Guar growing areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Guar prices have increased by about 10 percent in the last one month. The excess rain in the major growing areas have damaged the coprs.

Guar Gum exports from India during the first three months of 2017-18 was seen to double to about 145775 tons mainly due to the higher demand from the United States.

Despite higher acreage, it is estimated that there is largescale damage to standing Guar crops due to excess rain during the last week in the major Guar sowing area of Rajasthan.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the cumulative rainfall received from June 27 to July 2 in Western Rajasthan has been 231 percent of the benchmark long period average (LPA) with rain of 66.8 mm against normal of 20 mm.