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Coconut prices sky rockets in Andhra Pradesh
Commodity Online | April 16 2018
UPDATED 17:30:20 IST

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Due to the failed monsoon in 2017, the production of Coconuts has come down across Andhra Pradesh. According to the estimations, the drop of the production was 30 percent following the dry spell, due to which the prices of Coconut have been skyrocketing.

Though the prices have been increasing, the Coconut farmers are not getting good price, the price of each Coconut in the market is touching to Rs 30 to 40, the businessmen are purchasing the product at the grooves each one at Rs at 4 to 6 according to the quality.

Due to involvement of middlemen at various stages in the Coconut business, the product cost is reaching eight times against the original price. Meanwhile, the quality of the Andhra Pradesh brand Coconuts is not competing with the Kerala mark Coconuts. Businessmen are rushing to Kerala and Tamil Nadu and transporting the product to the local markets.

Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest producer of Coconuts after Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is estimated that 14,400 nuts are being produced per hectare in the state.

However, during the last three years, there is a drastic fall in Coconut production in the state. According to the experts, deficit rainfall coupled with decrease in the number of trees are reasons for fall in production. In addition, youth are not coming forward for cultivation of Coconuts.

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