Eight core industries output contracts 5.8% in October
Commodity Online | December 04 2019
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Production of eight core infrastructure industries contracted by 5.%  in October, indicating the severity of economic slowdown, according to latest government data.

As many as six of eight core industries saw a contraction in output in October.

Coal production fell steeply by 17.6%, crude oil by 5.1%, and natural gas by 5.7%.

Production of cement (- 7.7%), steel (- 1.6%), and electricity (- 12.4%) also declined during the month.

The only sector that posted growth in October was fertilizers where production increased by 11.8% year-on-year.

Growth in output of refinery products slowed down to 0.4% in October as against 1.3% in the same period last year.

The eight core sectors had expanded by 4.8% in October 2018.

During the April-October period, the growth of core industries fell to 0.2% against 5.4% in the year-ago period.

Output of eight core infrastructure industries had contracted by 5.1% in September, the lowest in the decade.