Export of Edible Oils 2019 to 2020
Commodity Online | July 16 2020
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Export of Edible Oils – 2019 - 2020 April-March 80765 Tons, Valued at Rs. 955.51 Crores


Export of edible oils are freely exportable in bulk, while Mustard oil is allowed in consumer packs not exceeding 5.0 kgs.

Major oils exported are Groundnut Oil, Rice Bran Oil and also small quantity of Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil and Mustard Oil.

During financial year 2019-20 (Apr., 2019 to Mar., 2020), India exported 80,765 tons of various edible oils valued at Rs. 955.51 crores against 52,490 tons valued at Rs.627.11 crores during previous year 2018-19. Groundnut Oil is the major oil exported from India and reported at 38,225 tons valued at Rs.390.28 Crores mainly exported to China (33,505 tons), India also export Mustard Oil reported at 3,681 tons valued at 46.97 Crores, mainly to U.A.E. (963 tons) and USA (445 tons). Soybean Oil export reported at 9,822 tons valued at 86.23 Crores, mainly exported to Bhutan (5,708 tons), USA (1,140 tons) and Canada (2,193 tons). Export of Rice Bran Oil was allowed in bulk since September 2015, which boosted its export and reported at 12,520 tons (including very small quantity of Mahua and Mango Kernel Oil) valued at Rs.126.72 Crores. Rice Bran Oil is mainly exported to U.S.A., Japan, Malaysia & Thailand.


We are reproduced here below a statement for export of edible oils (raw and refined) for the month of Apr.,2019 to Mar., 2020 and for the year 2018-19 (April-March) for the information and necessary coverage in your esteemed media and oblige.



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