Import of Edible Oils – April 2020 down by 34% and Nov'19 to Apri'20 down by 14%
Commodity Online | May 06 2020
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Every month, we compile data on import of edible oils from various sources and publish the data by 15th for the previous month. Due to the global pandemic Covid-19, lockdown is being observed all over India, and hence we are unable to collate the data from all sources and circulate the data in the regular Circular format.

Based on the available data, we have compiled provisional data for Import of Edible Oils for April 2020. The imports in April 2020 reported at 790,377 tons compared to 941,219 in March 20 and 1,198,763 tons in April 2019, down by 34%, on YoY basis. The drop in April is mainly due to logistics issues at destinations as well as at discharge ports. The overall Import of Edible Oils during Nov-2019 to April-2020 is reported at 6,182,184 tons, compared to 7,203,830 tons during the same period of previous year, i.e. down by 14 %.

In view of placing RBD Palmolein under the Restricted List w.e.f. 8th January, 2020, its imports have since drastically reduced. In April 2020, import reduced to 29,750 tons from 238,479 tons, a fall of 87% from previous year. Last year Malaysia shipped excessive RBD Palmolien to India taking the benefit of lower duty concession. The imports of CPO and CPKO also registered a 14% decline during Nov-2019 to April -2020 period, as compared to same period previous year, due to destruction of demand from HoReCa segment during Covid 19 lockdown period. This decline in the imports of palm products have directly benefitted the imports of soft oils, viz. Soybean and Sunflower, which is evident by their increase in imports by 13% and 12% respectively, thanks to house hold demand in consumer packs.

We are unable to compile the data for import of non-edible oils in the current situation.

This is an interim provisional data for your immediate information. We shall be publishing the regular complete import data once the situation returns to normalcy and we have access to such data from our sources.


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6th May 2020