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Improved monsoon boosts Indian agriculture prospects
Commodity Online | September 14 2017
UPDATED 09:47:46 IST

MCX Cardamom down 3.46%; MCX Crude Oil up 1.13%

Commodity Outlook: Precious Metals and Energy to trend higher, Base Metals steady

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India's Cashew exports up 25% in Apr-Jul

Gujarat to pay 50% more to procure Groundnut from farmers

From the start of the current monsoon season many parts in India mainly central and Southern parts were facing drought like situations on the back of unsettled monsoon rains. But in the last few weeks a good amount of rain was received and the situation is expected to get better.

Threatening to dent the prospect of a robust kharif output on the back of unsettled monsoon rains has changed and it is expected that the possibility of severe drought emerging in any parts of the country is virtually nil.

Grain sowing in India has almost kept pace when matched with last year, the area under Oilseeds saw a fall of almost 10 percent and Pulses by 4 percent owing to Arhar area declining sharply by 18 percent due to central Indian farmers abandoning the crop in the wake of the glut induced price crash last year.

Some parts of the country was also affected by flood and it is estimated that 4 million hectares of agricultural land out of a total kharif sowing area of 104.1 million hectares have been adversely impacted by floods.


Commodity Arrivals Rate
Mustard Oil 200 9200.00
Coconut Oil NR 16900.00
Arecanut 3 2700.00
Sugar 1.6 3200.00