Maharashtra Sugar output hits record high in 2018-19
Commodity Online | April 22 2019
UPDATED 10:39:00 IST

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Sugar production in Maharashtra crossed 107 lakh tonnes by the end of the crushing season of 2018-19, making this the second consecutive season when mills have crossed this figure, which is the highest ever sugar produced in the state in the last 10 years.

As of Friday, of the 195 mills, only five are operational. The state has witnessed crushing of 951.64 lakh tonnes of cane and produced 107.07 lakh tonnes of sugar, the Indian Express reported.

The average recovery of the state as recorded at the end of the season stood at 11.25 per cent, a slight increase from the 11.22% of last season.

The present season started with concerns over drought and white grub infestation in some parts of the state. Industry estimates had put the production figures at 90 to 91 lakh tonnes. However, as the season progressed, millers reported good per acre yield across the state, which led them to revise their production figures.

Higher production figures necessarily do not mean better economics for the mills. Starting with a carryover stock of around 40 lakh tonnes, mills in the state have reeled from the liquidity crunch due to overproduction. By the end of March, mills in the state reported 112 lakh tonnes of unsold sugar.