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MCX Gold Oct17 up by 2.10% for the week; Silver Sep17 gains by 3.12%
Commodity Online | August 11 2017
UPDATED 17:41:10 IST

MCX reports Rs. 10,498.39 crore in daily turnover

MCX Cardamom Sep17 gains by 8.77% for the week; Mentha Oil Aug17 up 9.72%

Crude Oil to trend lower today

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Huge carryover stock may cap sharp gain in Soybean

Commodity Online
India's Multi Commodity Exchange has recorded a weekly turnover of Rs. 114417.89 crore during the week August 4 to 10, 2017. MCX Comdex, the composite index of metals, energy and agri-commodities wasup by61.38pointto3214.67point.

MCX Metal index was reached at4812.12and MCX Energy index was reached at2325.33while MCX Agri index reached at2441.34point. MCX COMDEX is India's maiden real-time Composite Commodity Index based on commodity futures prices of an exchange.

GOLD Oct17contract was up by2.10%to Rs.29176.00per 10 gram.GOLD Dec17contract was up by2.48%to Rs.29204.00per 10 gram.GOLDM Sep17contract was up by2.15%to Rs.29130.00per 10 gram.

GOLDM Oct17contract was up by2.07%to Rs.29186.00per 10 gram.GOLDGUINEA Aug17contract was up by1.61%to Rs.23079.00per 8 gram.GOLDPETAL Aug17contract was up by1.76%to Rs.2886.00per gram.

SILVER Sep17contract was up by3.12%to Rs.39213.00per kg.SILVER Dec17contract was up by2.98%to Rs.39699.00per kg.SILVERM Aug17contract was up by3.10%to Rs.39225.00per kg.SILVERM Nov17contract was up by3.02%to Rs.39743.00per kg.SILVERMIC Aug17contract was up by3.09%to Rs.39223.00per kg.

COPPER Aug17contract was up by1.45%to Rs.411.50per kg.COPPERM Aug17contract was up by1.48%to Rs.411.55per kg.NICKEL Aug17contract was up by5.49%to Rs.697.20per kg.NICKELM Aug17contract was up by5.49%to Rs.697.20per kg.ALUMINIUM Aug17contract was up by6.79%to Rs.129.80per kg.

ALUMINI Aug17contract was up by6.79%to Rs.129.80per kg.LEAD Aug17contract was up by0.53%to Rs.150.90per kg.LEADMINI Aug17contract was up by0.57%to Rs.150.95per kg.ZINC Aug17contract was up by5.54%to Rs.187.55per kg.ZINCMINI Aug17contract was up by5.51%to Rs.187.55per kg.

CRUDEOIL Aug17contract was down by0.48%to Rs.3128.00per BBL.CRUDEOILM Aug17contract was down by0.45%to Rs.3129.00per BBL.NATURALGAS Aug17contract was up by6.97%to Rs.191.90per MMBTU.

COTTON Oct17contract was up by1.35%to Rs.18740.00per bales.CPO Aug17contract was up by3.56%to Rs.494.90per 10 kgs.CARDAMOM Aug17contract was down by1.38%to Rs.1159.90per kg. MENTHAOIL Aug17contract was down by3.02%to Rs.1110.20per kg.PEPPER Sep17 contract was down by 0.13% to Rs. 48120.00 per 100 kgs. RBDPMOLEIN Aug17 contract was up by 1.97% to Rs. 532.30 per 10 kgs.

Commodity Arrivals Rate
Mustard Oil 13.58 8978.00
Coconut Oil NR 16900.00
Arecanut 4 2700.00
Sugar NR 4550.00