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Punjab cuts Cotton crop outlook to 10.37 lakh bales
Commodity Online | February 09 2018
UPDATED 16:22:26 IST

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The Punjab state agriculture department and trade bodies expect the Cotton production to be lowered further by nearly 60,000 bales from the previous estimates of 10.97 lakh bales (1 bale=170kg) for the 2017-18 crop year (Sept 1, 2017-Aug 31, 2018).

The latest estimation of production of Cotton, which is Punjab's second biggest kharif crop after paddy including basmati, has been put at 10.37 lakh bales as on January 31.

At the start of Cotton procurement season in September 2017, Cotton output estimates in Punjab were 12 lakh bales, which were revised in December to 10.97 lakh bales. Cotton had been sown over 3.82 lakh hectares in Punjab this season whereas in 2016, area under the fibre crop was 2.57 lakh hectares.

In the 2016-17 crop year, Punjab had an output of 8.57 lakh bales of raw cotton with an average yield of 655 kg per acre. In the current season, the yield is expected to decrease to 550kg per acre.

Till January 31, 2018, arrivals of 6.92 lakh bales of cotton were recorded in the markets of Punjab whereas in the corresponding period last year, arrivals were 5.91 lakh bales.

Union government agency Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) has also lowered the estimates of cotton output in the region.

"Earlier it was expected that over 11 lakh bales will be produced in Punjab. However, going by the drop in yields, we expect arrivals at nearly 10.4 lakh bales," CCI said.

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