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Sugar industry urge subsidy support from Centre
Commodity Online | April 16 2018
UPDATED 12:04:22 IST

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The Sugar industry renews its demand to the Centre for production subsidy to sustain Sugarcane payments to farmers and to support exports.

The industry is hoping the Centre repeats the kind of support it had extended in 2015-16 anticipating a glut. The government had then come out with a factory-wise Minimum Indicative Export Quota in September 2015 and in December a production subsidy of about Rs 45 a tonne of cane to support Sugarcane payments.

Under the present circumstance, a repeat is needed in terms of export and Sugarcane payment support. This has to be well on time for the industry and farmers to plan. In the current 2017-18 (October – September) season, surplus Sugar production is pegged at over 300 lakh tonnes (lt) and in the coming season also the industry is expected to see a repeat performance, possibly even a slightly higher output.

Against a domestic consumption of about 250 lt, a surplus of about 50 lt is expected in the current season and an equal amount in the coming season.

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