USDA estimates Peanut output at 4.7 MMT in 2018/19
Commodity Online | October 19 2018
UPDATED 13:10:59 IST

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USDA estimates 2018/19 India Peanut production at 4.7 million metric tons, down 18 percent from last month and down 29 percent from last year. The month-to-month decrease of over 1 million tons is due to reduced area and lower yields stemming from drought conditions in the main Peanut producing area of Kutch in northwestern Gujarat.


Area harvested is estimated at 4.7 million hectares, down 6 percent from last month. Yield is estimated to reach 1.0 metric ton per hectare, down 23 percent from last year.


Gujarat accounts for 40 percent of India’s total Peanut production during the kharif season. Over half of Gujarat’s production is concentrated in the Kutch district. Cumulative rainfall was down 33 percent from the long-term average in the Saurashtra and Kutch districts.


There are two Peanut growing seasons in India: kharif and rabi. The kharif crop accounts for 85 percent of the total output and is typically planted in late June and harvested in October. The rabi crop is planted from late October through January and is harvested in April.




Commodity Arrivals Rate
Mustard Oil 32.2 10000.00
Coconut Oil 2 20300.00
Arecanut 6 2000.00
Sugar 321 3125.00