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Daily Spot Market Prices, Outlook, Updates from around the world, hundreds of markets, Daily Advisories, Predictive Analysis, Trend Analytics and a huge plethora of services.

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Simple, Visual and In-depth

Remove the clutter and complicated charts. Just the information you need mined from large data and historical behavior in an interactive, dynamic, visually appealing and intuitive interface. Make confident trading decisions.

New Insights and Predictive Analytics

Discover a new way of looking at future. Get inside the price pattern and know the trend of where and when a commodity will turn. We have simplified some complex algorithms to give you the result – on the dot.

Agri Data and Analytics directly from Markets

Get daily prices of hundreds of commodities from multiple markets across India along with crop pattern, demand and supply analytics along with a host of structured and unstructured data and information all amalgamated into a simple to view platform. Optimize your decision making

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