Variety of Kapas Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: 20 kg

Quantity Available: 20 ton

Quality Available: Not Given

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Single lead at Rs.300

We are ready to sale best quality Kapas as per your need. Interested buyers can contact for more details. Place: Buhana, Rajasthan

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All About Kapas

Kapas is the white colored fibrous substance seen covering the cotton seed, which is obtained from the cotton plant.

Kapas is separated by a process called ginning which separates the lint and the seed. The raw material used for making cotton yarn is called lint. Lint is used in making fabrics.

Cotton is a natural fiber. It is scientifically known as gossypium, belonging to the family Malvaceae. The plant is commercially grown to make cotton fabric and thread…More

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