Naidu Sell Lead

Variety of Lemon Available : Normal variety

Packaging Type Available : Cartons

Packaging Size Available: Other option

Quantity Available: 20 tons per daily

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 15 - 25 / Kg

Contact Supplier I am Interested
Single lead at Rs.300
Nellore , Andhra Pradesh
55 days ago

We are lemon suppliers. We are ready to supply 20 ton lemon daily. Quantity is flexible as per your requirement. Interested buyers please contact us for more details.

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All About Lemon

Lemon scientifically called Citrus Limon, belongs to 'Rutaceae ' family. Lemon is a small evergreen fruit. The origin of lemon is unknown. Most people think that it grew up either in Burma or China.

The first large-scale lemon cultivation was started by Genoa, a port city in northwest Italy during 15th century. The appealing colour, flavour and odour has made lemon a leading citrus fruit in the world.

Lemon is packed with rich contents of vitamin C, vitamin…More

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