Abasaheb Deshmukh Sell Lead

Variety of Lemon Available : green and yellow lemon

Packaging Type Available : Cartons

Packaging Size Available: 20 kg

Quantity Available: 5 ton

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 27 - 30 / Kg

Contact Number: 8788812833

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Ahmednagar , Maharashtra
66 days ago

We can supply both green and yellow lemon directly from our farm at a price range of Rs. 27-30 per kg. Interested buyers please contact us for more details.

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All About Lemon

Lemon scientifically called Citrus Limon, belongs to 'Rutaceae ' family. Lemon is a small evergreen fruit. The origin of lemon is unknown. Most people think that it grew up either in Burma or China.

The first large-scale lemon cultivation was started by Genoa, a port city in northwest Italy during 15th century. The appealing colour, flavour and odour has made lemon a leading citrus fruit in the world.

Lemon is packed with rich contents of vitamin C, vitamin…More

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