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Hi Sir, We are supplier of fresh Litchis from Madagascar GlobalGap and Fair-Trade approved Fyi we are exporting 2000 Mt to Europe and Middle East already and our capacity of export is around 4000 Mt Season November - December - January If you are interested to sourcing From us please contact us as soon as possible Contact are signed actually for November December shipment In waiting to read you very soon Best Regards.

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All About Litchi

Litchi is a delicious and juicy fruit. It belongs to 'Sapindaceae' family and is scientifically known as 'Litchi chinensis'. Lychees originated in Northern Vietnam and Southern China, where they have been cultivated for over 2,000 years.

The inside of a litchi is of pinkish-white colour. The outside of the fruit is a hard, spiky shell. Its seed is brown in colour and very hard. Litchi is a renowned fruit for its flavor and pulp. It contains good amount of…More

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