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Variety of Jowar Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: Other option

Quantity Available: 10 mt

Quality Available: Not Given

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Single lead at Rs.300

I want to buy good quality 10 tons of Jowar. Sellers can contact. Place: Agra, UttarPradesh

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All About Jowar

Sorghum is scientifically called sorghum bicolor belongs to Grasses family. Among the different kinds of cereal crops in India, Sorghum has a prominence role. Jowar, the Indian name for Sorghum, is the staple food for rural people across the world.

Sorghum is believed to have originated in Ethiopia thousands of year ago. During the first millennium, sorghum was taken from South Africa to India. The grain’s colour is white, pink, yellow or brownish-yellow.

Jowar is a common staple…More

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