Anil shrma Sell Lead

Variety of Maize Available : cattle feed, normal feed

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: Other option

Quantity Available: 80 ton

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 16 - 17 / Kg

Contact Number: 8221984127

Contact Supplier
Alwar , Rajasthan
78 days ago

We are the suppliers of maize. We can supply 80 ton maize. Interested buyers please contact us for more details. 

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All About Maize

Maize is a cereal grain. It also known as corn. Its scientific name is Zea Mays, belonging to the family Poaceae and sub family Panicoideae.

After Wheat and Rice, Maize is the most important food crop in the world. Maize is the most important food crop in the Americas, just as Rice and Wheat are the staple food for Asians.

Maize is used to brew alcohols and sweeten food items. It is also used in oil, starch and…More

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