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Oswal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.
East Delhi , Delhi

Gly 71 - Oswal


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Gly 71 - Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% SG. Gly-71 is a non-selective post-emergence herbicide used for the control of annual, perennial broad leaf and grassy weeds in non-cultivated land. The formulation when applied to foliages destroys the weed from the root system. It is a low dose non-polluting herbicide which translocates from leaf to the entire plant body till root. It effectively kills the Congress Grass (Parthenium sp.) which otherwise is a health hazard. Dose : 120 g per knap sack (16 ltrs) of water.

Oswal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.
East Delhi , Delhi
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