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Variety of Almond(Badam) Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Not Given

Packaging Size Available: Not Given

Quantity Available: 5000 kg

Quality Available: Not Given

Price : Rs. 500 / Kg

Contact Number: 9567650433

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Gurgaon , Haryana
1289 days ago
Having processing unit in Jammu we are a leading exporter and  domestic supplier of different quality of Almonds i.e. California and American. We give more focus on quality after maintaining the international standard. Quality is our bench mark and maintain the parameter of international body. Due to Latest technology machine the breakage percentage is kept control i.e. 3 to 5%. Due to calibration of Moisture it is also kept control within 3-5%. We have many well known  logistic partners both for domestic and international supplies. They are capable to provide Hassle Free Door to Door service. Taxation is an important element for our business. Government of India is not levied any tax for export or deemed export after providing relevant documents. Almond is a nutritious and high protein nut acceptable in world wide.The Indian products which is organic in nature are with rich of energy components. SA-india is an agro base company and creating platform at our website to bring closure to end users and manufacturers in lowest conversion cost. You can use our website and for any requirements. We are very transparency both for farmers and end users to view the rate structure and terms and conditions . We have dedicated customers support teams who will help both customers and manufacturers to address their grievances.After transactions if any genuine defect is recognize that will be sorted out as per our company policies. Our products also get tested by different government agencies and non government agencies . We do not compromise with the heath of our customers in any form.Storage guide lines and process of consume are mentioned on cover and in our web site. Our all products are organic in nature. We donot supply any policy goods. After simple processing we supply to market as genuine natural products to give boost towards health of our people. SA Agro Products is the Best.
Item Code: 87045284

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Almond tree is native to the Middle East. Harvesting of Almond crop is said to have begun harvest in the 16th century.

Almond flavour is used in cooking and baking. Almonds are fruits that look like nuts or seeds, greenish in color. It is an essential ingredient used in several hair care…More

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