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Packaging Size Available: 10 kg

Quantity Available: 100 Kg

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Single lead at Rs.300
Sheopur , Madhya Pradesh
207 days ago

I am looking for best quality dry grapes for reselling purpose. Please contact for more details.

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Rs : 0.000 / 15 Mt


All About DryGrapes

Dry Grapes are the dried, ripe fruits of the grape berries. Dried grapes are highly nutritious food because of their sugar, mineral especially iron, and vitamin B and A contents.

Raisins, a dark coloured seeded dried grapes, are often of Muscatel vine varieties. Another frequently used variety is Thompson Seedless.

Currants is a purple/black dried grapes of the seedless Black Corinth vine variety.

Sultanas is a seedless, dried grape in a golden yellow colour of the seedless…More

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