Brahmakumar Desai

Variety of Copra Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: 50 kg

Quantity Available: 1 ton

Quality Available: Not Given

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Single lead at Rs.300
Dharwad , Karnataka
215 days ago

I required best quality copra. Please feel free to contact us. Place: Dharwad, Karnataka

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All About Copra

Copra is the dried meat or kernel of coconut.

Copra is mainly used for extracting coconut oil which is used for cooking, hair oil and number of oil variations for skincare. Coconut oil is also used for industrial purposes. After the oil extraction, the by-product is known as copra cake or copra meal. Copra cake is a rich source of fiber and protein which is used as animal fodder.

The main two types of copra in India are…More

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