Variety of Groundnut Available : Normal variety Grade A

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: Other option

Quantity Available: 6000 kg

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 45 - 60 / Kg

Contact Number: 9573709548

Contact Supplier
Anantapur , Andhra Pradesh
41 days ago

We have fresh groundnut and we can sell it. We are basically farmers and we wish to sell directly to buyers without middle men. So we can provide you a minimum of 6 ton and based on your requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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All About Groundnut

Groundnut, also known as Peanut, is an annual oil seed belonging to the Leguminosae family and the Papilionacea subfamily. It is a legume native to South America but now grown in diverse environments in six continents. Its scientific name is Arachis hypogea.

Groundnut seeds contain up to 50% oil and it is one of the important oilseed crops in the world. The oil extracted from groundnut is normally used for cooking; it is also used in paints, furniture polish…More

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