Guar Seed

Ajay Kumar Sell Lead

Variety of Guar Seed Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Plastic Box

Packaging Size Available: 5 kg

Quantity Available: 1 ton

Quality Available: Not Given

Price : Rs. 52 / Kg

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Single lead at Rs.300
Jhunjhunu , Rajasthan
135 days ago

We have 15 quintal of guar seed. It's directly collected from our own farm. Please feel free to contact us. Place: Jhunjunu, Rajasthan

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All About Guar Seed

Guar or cluster beans are scientifically called as cyamopsis tetragonoloba, belonging to Legumes family. The ground endospem of guar beans is called guar gum. Guar seeds are de-husked and milled to obtain guar gum.

Guar seed is the final farm produce of guar crop. After 90-120 days, guar attains maturity and the color changes to yellow. Guar is collected and seeds are separated from pod with the help of machine. Guar seed can be stored in natural climatic condition…More

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