Cotton Seed Oil Cake

Hanumant Vasant Yeralkar Buy Lead

Variety of Cotton Seed Oil Cake Available : normal variety A grade

Packaging Type Available : Other Option

Packaging Size Available: Other option

Quantity Available: 10 ton

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 21 - 22 / Kg

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Single lead at Rs.300
Pune , Maharashtra
95 days ago

We want to buy 10 ton cotton seed oil cake every two weeks. Interested suppliers please contact us for more details. Our rate is 21-22/kg.

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All About Cotton Seed Oil Cake

Cottonseed cake or cottonseed meal is a by-product obtained by extracting oil from cotton seeds. Recovery of meal is about 85-86%. It is also known as Kapasia Khalli or COC. It may be sold in the form of meal, cake, flakes or pellets. Good quality oil cake is greenish, yellow in colour.

Cottonseed oilcake is the second most valuable product of cotton seed, accounting for over one-third of total product value of cotton seed.

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