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Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd
Pune , Maharashtra

Jai Kisaan Sampatti


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: Bag

Packaging Size

: 50 kg

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: Bulk

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: A Grade


: Depends on Market

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Jai Kisaan Sampatti is a complex grade with NPK in the ratio of 12:32:16. This fertiliser has a high Phosphorus content while being low in Nitrogen and Potassium. Nitrogen is available in both Amide and Ammoniacal forms. The fertilizer is completely water soluble, making it easy to administer to crops. The potash present in the fertilizer helps in building resistance to pests and diseases. The fertilizer aids plants by enhancing root penetration. Sampatti is ideal for oilseeds like soybean, groundnut & sunflower. It is also suited for potato, ginger, turmeric, onion and oil pulses. 

Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd
Pune , Maharashtra
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