Karthickraja Buy Lead

Variety of Masoor Available : red

Packaging Type Available : Cartons

Packaging Size Available: 100 kg

Quantity Available: Not Given

Quality Available: A Grade

Price : Rs. 42 - 45 / Kg

Contact Buyer I am Interested
Single lead at Rs.300
Bangalore Rural , Karnataka
60 days ago

I am looking for masoor dal. I need 20 ton every month. Suppliers please contact us for more details.

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Rs : 40.000 / 20 ton

All About Masoor

Masoor or Lentils, scientifically known as Lens culinaris, belongs to the family Fabaceae and sub family faboideas.

Masoor comes in different colours like yellow, red, orange, green, brown and black. After soybeans, lentils are the commodities with highest levels of proteins and fibers. The plant’s root grows to a deep of around 15 inches, which makes it a drought resistant shrub. It also helps in fixing nitrogen in the soil.

Masoor is said to be the oldest food…More

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