10 - 15 ton Buy Lead

Variety of Tur Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Not Given

Packaging Size Available: 20 kg

Quantity Available: 10 - 15 ton

Quality Available: Not Given

Price : Rs. 50 / Kg

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Single lead at Rs.300
Bangalore Rural , Karnataka
347 days ago

We are looking for the premium and export quality light yellow shade Tur dal. Our expectation price is 50 - 65 rupees per kg. Please contact if anyone have the same quality commodity. Place: Bangalore, Karnataka

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All About Tur

Tur or Pigeon Pea scientifically known as Cajanus cajan is a perennial legume which belongs to the family fabaceae. Other names for Tur in India are Red Gram and Toor or Arhar.

Tur is used as a staple diet in many countries. Tur is a drought resistant plant type because of its sophisticated root scheme. Tur or Pigeon Pea is not actually a pea but a Grain legume or Pulse.

Tur production in India is around 2.5 million tons…More

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