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Almond (Badam)

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis is the scientific name for Almond. Almond, a stone fruit, belongs to Rosaceae family of flowering plans related to cherry, plum, and peach.

Almond tree is native to the Middle East. Harvesting of Almond crop is said to have begun harvest in the 16th century.

Almond flavour is used in cooking and baking. Almonds are fruits that look like nuts or seeds, greenish in color. It is an essential ingredient used in several hair care and skin care products.

Almond is native to the Mediterranean climate. The fruit is known as badam in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and other Central Asian countries.

The Almond crop in India is planted during the August-October season. Harvesting of the crop starts from July to August.

Almonds contain amygdalin, which is good against cancer, moisture and strengthen hair and skin conditions. Almond can be processed into milk substitute. It then becomes the almond milk, rich in protein and fat.

The seeds of Almond are normally sweet, but some trees produce seeds that are bitter in taste. The bitter Almond is normally broader and shorter.

The extracted products from the bitter almond are for medicinal purposes, but the effects are severe. Before consuming the seed, the cyanide content in it has to be removed.

Almond is used for various dishes, desserts etc, it is also consumed as seed. Almond milk is another product processed from seed.

Almond producing states in India are Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

The world’s largest Almond producing country is United States of America followed by Spain, Australia, Iran, Morocco, Italy, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia and Afghanistan.

The major Almond importing are countries are those in European Union, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, Korea, Turkey, United States and Hong Kong.

The major Almond exporting countries are the US, Australia, European Union, Chile and Turkey.

Following are the local trading hubs for Almond in India:

Jammu and Kashmir (Anantnag, Badgam, Pulwama), Mumbai & New Delhi.

Almond (Badam) Trading Markets:

Jammu and Kashmir(Kanji Gund, Qazigund, Chrari Sharief, Anantnag, Budgam, Pulwama, )

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