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Beetroot is scientifically known as Beta vulgaris. The origin of beetroot is said to be in Europe, Africa and India. The common names for Beetroot are Beet, Table Beet, Garden Beet and Red Beet or Golden Beet.

Beetroot is grown across India, but India is not a top producer of the commodity. But despite the small production and trade figures, Beetroot is widely found in large number of grocery shops in India. The main Beetroot varieties grown in India are Detroit Dark Red, Crimson Globe, Crosby Egyptian and Early Wonder.

Cool climate is most suited for Beetroot cultivation. Even though Beetroot is grown in many types of soil, the best suitable soils are well drained loams and sandy loams.

Beetroot is harvested in about nine weeks from sowing the seed. When it reaches the nine weeks’ growth, the bulb size would be 2.5 cm. Harvesting continues till beetroot attains 8 cm in diameter.

Beetroot has many medicinal values, which has been proved and used in India for centuries. Beetroot contains Carbohydrate, Fibers, Proteins, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Iron etc. The yield varies from seed and other factors and the average yield is about 250 to 300 quintals per hectare.

In India, Beetroot in mainly grown in several parts of South and North India.

Major Beetroot producing countries are Germany, France, Africa, Asia and South America.

Major Beet exporting countries are Russia, Egypt, France, United States, Netherlands, China, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Major Beet importing countries are Morocco, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, South Korea, Turkey, Norway and Denmark.

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