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Clove is scientifically known as syzygium aromaticum, belonging to the family Myrtaceae.

The name Clove originated from the French name Clou, meaning nail, but the commodity has its roots of origin in Indonesia. The clove tree grows up to 8-12 meters tall with large oval shaped leaves. The buds are ready for harvesting when they are bright red and dried and until they turn brown in colour.

Common Indian names for Clove are Grambu in Malayalam, Lavangam in Telugu, Lavanga in Kannada, Laung in Hindi and Marathi Moggu in Marathi.

Clove has high domestic and global demand thanks to its health benefits and nutritional value. Cloves provide relief from toothache and it is, in fact, a main ingredient in toothpaste. Clove is a cure for cough and bad breath. It also helps in the digestion process.

Cloves Trading Markets:
Kerala(Nedumangad, )

The spice is a flavoring agent in food, used in cookies and cakes. In Indonesia, it is used in the type of cigarette called kretek. Cloves are used in Indian Ayurveda medicines and clove oil is used in dentistry as a local-anesthetic and antiseptic for teeth and gum. Clove oil acts as a cleaning agent in microscopic slides.

Cloves is rich in nutritional value. It contains carbohydrate, protein, sugars, fiber and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc. It has vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

In India, June-September is the optimum season for clove cultivation. Rich loamy soil is best for clove cultivation.

Clove coil may cause skin irritation. Clove is rich in eugenol and so high doses can cause gastritis and some people have allergies to clove. Clove is not a toxic plant, but is safe when used with recommended doses.

Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka are the clove producing states in India.

Indonesia is the top producer of clove globally. Madagascar,
Tanzania, Comoros and Sri Lanka are the other top most clove producing countries.

Top exporters of clove are Madagascar, Tanzania , Brazil , Singapore and Indonesia.

The top importers are India, Singapore , Malaysia , the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The local trading hubs for Clove are:
Kerala (Thiruvanathapuram)

Tamil Nadu (Nagarcoil)

Commodity Arrivals Rate
Mustard Oil 1 9050.00
Coconut Oil 0.1 16900.00
Arecanut 25 15000.00
Sugar 0.5 4000.00


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