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Dry Grapes

Dry Grapes are the dried, ripe fruits of the grape berries. Dried grapes are highly nutritious food because of their sugar, mineral especially iron, and vitamin B and A contents.

Raisins, a dark coloured seeded dried grapes, are often of Muscatel vine varieties. Another frequently used variety is Thompson Seedless.

Currants is a purple/black dried grapes of the seedless Black Corinth vine variety.

Sultanas is a seedless, dried grape in a golden yellow colour of the seedless ‘sultana/sultanina’ variety. Like raisins, they are most often produced from the Thompson Seedless variety but due to bleaching treatment, they become yellow in colour.

Although many countries have different names for dried grape, there is no valid common names among them globally.

Dry Grapes are the one of the most consumed dry fruits globally. The production of raisins in India is not up to the mark compared to domestic consumption. India mainly imports raisins from Afghanistan and Iran.

Sangli is the area where most of the Indian raisins are produced. Raisins also has some good health benefits. It contains Vitamin A, Calcium and it is also rich in iron.

It also contains minerals, amino acid, phosphorus, nutrients, fructose and glucose. Global dried fruit production is more than 2.6 million metric tons.

Since 1983, India has been Dry Grape commercial producer. In India, Dry Grapes are mainly produced in Maharashtra and Karnataka. India doesn't hold a strong position in raisin industry.

USA is the country with largest producer of Dry Grapes, followed by Turkey, China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Afghanistan and Australia.

World dried grapes exports reached 722,093 MT in 2015-16 season. Turkey has been the largest exporter of dried grapes, followed by the United States, Iran, Uzbekistan, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Afghanistan, China, European Union, Australia and Mexico.

The top Dry Grapes importing nations are the European Union, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Australia, United States and United Arab Emirates.

Dry Grapes Trading Markets:

Karnataka(Bangalore, ) Maharashtra(Sangli, Solapur, Tasgaon, Pandharpur, )

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Dry Grapes
Ansuman nayak
Puri , Odisha
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Sangli , Maharashtra
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