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Guar Seed
Guar Seed

Guar or cluster beans are scientifically called as cyamopsis tetragonoloba, belonging to Legumes family. The ground endospem of guar beans is called guar gum. Guar seeds are de-husked and milled to obtain guar gum.

Guar seed is the final farm produce of guar crop. After 90-120 days, guar attains maturity and the color changes to yellow. Guar is collected and seeds are separated from pod with the help of machine. Guar seed can be stored in natural climatic condition for about two years.

Guar seeds have three parts seed coat-hull, endosperm and germ. Gura split, churi, korma are the by-products from guar seed extracts, used as cattle feed.

Pusa Mausami, Pusa Naubahar, Goma Manjari and Pusa Sadabahar are the commercial hybrid varieties of guar seed in India.

Guar Seed Trading Markets:
Gujarat(Rajkot, Palanpur, Patan, ) Haryana(Bhiwani, Dabwali, Ellenabad, Sirsa, ) Madhya Pradesh(Gwalior, ) Punjab(Adampur, ) Rajasthan(Sri Ganganagar, Alwar, Churu, Hanumangarh, Jodhpur, Khajuwala, Nagaur, Nokha, Bikaner , )

Guar and its by-products are used in different industries. In food and beverages sector, it is used for making bread, ice creams, sauces, chocolate drinks, and ketchup etc. It is widely used in cosmetics and medicine sector. In textile printing, it acts as a thickening agent for dyes.

Guar seed is a Kharif Crop in India. However, it can be cultivated during monsoon and summer seasons.

Rajasthan is the major guar producing state in India, followed by Haryana, Gujarat and Punjab.

India is the largest producer and exporter of Guarseed. Pakistan, USA, Australia, and Sudan are the other producing countries.

Major countries exporting guar seed are India, Pakistan, USA and Italy.

Major importing countries for guar seed are USA, Canada, China, Germany, Chile and Australia.
Local trading hubs for guar seed are:
Punjab (Adampur)

Rajasthan (Bikaner, Jodhpur, Khajuwala, Sriganganagar, Nokha)

Haryana (Bhiwani, Dabwali, Sirsa)

Gujarat (Deesa)

Guar seed is traded in in the commodity futures market at National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited and National Multi Commodity Exchange.


Commodity Arrivals Rate
Mustard Oil 250 9000.00
Coconut Oil NR 25000.00
Arecanut NR 18500.00
Sugar NR 3900.00


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