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Soya Meal

Soy Meal is a by-product, which is extracted from Soy bean. Soy Meal is considered a good vegetable protein food. Soy Meal accounts for about 65 percent of global protein necessity.

Majority of Soya Bean produced are crushed and by-products like Soy Oil and Soy Meal are made. But Soy Meal is the major by-product as 88 percent of Soy Meal is made out of the crushed Soya Bean.

In India, Soya Bean is a kharif crop which is sown in June; some states cultivate Soya Bean twice an year. September-October is the harvesting period of Soya Bean in India. Changes in the rainfall pattern affect the crop, as it is heavily dependent on rains.

Mainly Soy Meal is used as animal feed. It is also used for various human food purposes like baking and meat substitutes. Because of its energy giving quality, easily digestible factor and protein rich character, Soy Meal is considered to be an extremely favored food source.

Soy Meal is usually high in Vitamin B complex. It also has anti carcinogenic and the ability to lower cholesterol.

Global Soy Meal production is around 132 million tons annually.

Soy Meal is regarded as the best vegetable protein food source and accounts for over 65% of the world's protein requirements.

Soya Bean extraction units in India are mostly located in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Soy Meal producing states in India are Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Gujarat.

Major Soy Meal producing countries are China, Unites States, Argentina, Brazil, European Union, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, Bolivia and Egypt.

Major Soy Meal exporting countries are Argentina, Brazil, United States, Paraguay, China, Bolivia, India, Russia, European Union, Vietnam and Canada.

Top Soy Meal importers are European Union, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Iran.

Local markets for Soy meal in India are

Maharashtra (Akola, Dhule, Hingoli, Jalna, Latur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Sangli, Solapur)

Rajasthan (Bundi, Kota)

Madhya Pradesh (Indore)

Gujarat (Kandla)

Soya Meal Trading Markets:

Gujarat(Kandla, ) Madhya Pradesh(Indore, ) Maharashtra(Sangli, Nagpur, Akola, Mumbai, Latur, Jalna, Solapur, Dhule, Hingoli , Nanded, ) Rajasthan(Kota, Bundi, )

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