Suraj Gandhi Buy Lead

Variety of Cardamom Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Not Given

Packaging Size Available: Not Given

Quantity Available: 20 Ton

Quality Available: Not Given

Price : Depends on market

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Single lead at Rs.300
1194 days ago
Guatemala Cardamom Required

Annual Purchase Volume : 500 Metric Ton
Buying Frequency : Monthly
Payment Terms : L/C
Destination Port : Kandla/Mundra

Dear Sir/Madam,

Request you to quote best possible rates for various grades of cardamom available with you. Our port of destination is west coast India. Kindly provide us with FOR rates ($/MT) for the same.
Initial qty: 20MT (1 container)

Please note that this is just our initial requirement. If you are able to provide us quality product at competitive rates, I assure you future quantities would be bulkier. We are hoping to establish a long term trade partner.

Thanks and regards
Suraj Gandhi

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All About Cardamom

Cardamom is the Queen of Spices. It is a medicinal spice and known scientifically as Elettaria Cardamomum, belonging to the family Zingiberaceae.

Exact origin of Cardamom is not known. But it is believed that the spice originated in India as a wild herb. Cardamom takes about two years to mature.

Loamy soil with rich organic material is ideally suited for cultivating Cardamom.
Cardamom is green or yellow in color. It is mainly used for flavor in food and…More

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