Nataraj Sell Lead

Variety of Chilli Available : Not Given

Packaging Type Available : Not Given

Packaging Size Available: Not Given

Quantity Available: 5 ton

Quality Available: Not Given

Price : Depends on market

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Single lead at Rs.300
Tamil Nadu
282 days ago

Best quality red chilly is  available for sale. Genuine buyers can contact me for more details. Place: Chennai, Tamil nadu  

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VeeraChari B

Rs : Depends on Market


Rs : 200.000 / 500-1000 kg


Rs : 180.000 - 200.000 / 50 tons


Rs : 60.000 - 80.000 / 50 kg

All About Chilli

Chilli is a small hot tasting pod of genes of capsicum. It is botanically called Capsicum annuum, belonging to Solanaceae family. In many parts of the world, the commodity is chilli pepper.

It is believed that chilli originated in South America and Christopher Columbus introduced the spice to the rest of the world. Chilli is used as a main ingredient in curries, sauces and pickles. It is used for medicinal purposes.

Chilli is often referred as hot pepper,…More

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