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Ahmedabad , Gujarat
1289 days ago
Lavang is a very ordinary type of spices that are widely used for food preparation and additional purposes. Lavang is the unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen Lavang tree. The buds are selected by hand when they are pink and dried until they turn brown in color.

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All About Cloves

Clove is scientifically known as syzygium aromaticum, belonging to the family Myrtaceae.

The name Clove originated from the French name Clou, meaning nail, but the commodity has its roots of origin in Indonesia. The clove tree grows up to 8-12 meters tall with large oval shaped leaves. The buds are ready for harvesting when they are bright red and dried and until they turn brown in colour.

Common Indian names for Clove are Grambu in Malayalam, Lavangam in…More

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